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Normale Version: Dying Light 2 Stay Human - by DNA
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there is indeed an issue with the ammo cheat.
Thank you for reporting this.
Give me some time to fix this
Hi there,
is the UNL. AMMO Cheat fixed now?
Unl. Ammo Cheat is now fixed.
Please re-download the trainer from the first post of this thread.
Thx a lot for fixing !!!
Thanks for the fix.
I confirmed that Unl. Ammo now also works for arrows and crossbow bolts.
It seems working when 10 or more arrows and bolts are already in the inventory. (When shot, the number shows 49)
If less than 10, it still decreases. Is that as you designed?

Looking forward to Rapid Fire next!
I never noticed that the cheat only works when you have more than 10 arrows, thank you for this information.
I will let you know when there are any news about the trainer.
Hi DNA, im glad that i'm here , just newly come from the trainer website right here, since Dying Light 2 got updated yesterday to 1.5.0 now the trainer has collected some info

Posting the .HOG file here

Any chance to hope for you to update the trainer as well ?

Thanks, appreciate you're work!

Trainer for v1.5 available.
Download in #1
Thank you, btw the old one was fine no false - positive detected by Norton, but  this version has Inside Network treat..., im pretty sure it has no problem just saying.
This is a false positive. This description is used by Avira and Norton security suites.
This error means that it's not well known by the community of these security systems... That's all. Set it to your whitelist and all is okay. I can confirm this file is virus clean...
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