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Normale Version: Dying Light 2 Stay Human - by DNA
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(04.07.2023, 14:44)SeryogaSK schrieb: [ -> ]DNA is busy for now.... Please be patient or use Trainer from iNvIcTUs oRCuS

If DNA or iNvIcTUs oRCuS have any information about this trainer they will tell you

Well, let's wait for the news. This is my favorite trainer.
UPD new update for DL2 was released, will test on FLING
Here is the dump file for errors
P.S. FLING works just fine only options are missing are fly mode and invisible
Trainer is up 2 date now and should work with 1.11.4. Took a bit longer cause I had to do some adjustments to the FLY cheat.
You can find the trainer in the #1 post of this thread
Großes DANKE. :-) Dieser Flug Cheat ist COOL :-)
Thank you DNA
Blueprint upgrade crashes the game, all the rest works fine
Thank you for the information, I will have a look
trainer geht nicht mehr update pls für version 1.12
new update came out, sending out the log

hast bestimmt jede Menge zu tun. Dein schöner Trainer mit dem tollen Flug Cheat geht leider mit dem neuen Update nicht mehr. Schade.
Vieleicht hast du ja mal irgendwann Zeit, dein Trainer fehlt in der Sammlung.
Please, debug the game
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