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CoSMOS Advanced

CoSMOS Memory Scanner and Gamehacking Tool.

  • Memory Scanner
  • VEH Debugger
  • Script Engine
  • Disassembler / Dump Viewer
  • Built-in Speedhack Function
  • dotNET assembly explorer
  • String / Address Reference Search
  • Threads / Handles / Modules / Region Viewer
  • Tabbed Interface with High DPI Support
  • Script Editor w/ Snippets, Intellisense & More


[Bild: CosMOS_Advanced_scred.gif]

[Bild: CosMOS_Advanced_membr.png]

CoSMOS Memory Scanner

Mittlerweile gibt es das Update 6.0.8.

CoSMOS Changelog 6.0.8

[+] Added search box to the window title area
[+] Added new waiting screen when attaching to a process
[!] Fixed value search
[!] Fixed changing value in scanner tab is not updating the value in the list

[+] Added an option which changes your theme based on your Windows 10 theme, on by default
[~] Updated darktheme.vs file
[!] Fixed DLL injection causes specific unity engine games to crash

Cheat Table:
[!] Fixed rare exception on clicking 'Copy' in table test window when Windows clipboard is unaccessible

Script Editor:
[~] Negative offsets in instructions are now wildcarded by default no matter of their size (script generation)
[~] Instructions with negative offsets are now replaced with readmem() in script generation
[!] Fixed missing RET original instruction on script generation
[!] Fixed some multi comment characters in instruction comments

Symbol Engine:
[+] Added search box to filter class fields
[~] Improved performance by 7x by switching to a managed pdb reader
[~] Improved performance on class enumeration
[~] Improved results on class enumeration
[!] Fixed loading PDB from file is executed twice
[!] Fixed loading PDB from file was missing class enumeration

Handles Viewer:
[~] Greatly speed up enumerating handles

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