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dna im trying to do a pointer but the pointer doesnt work in the 2nd mission can you try to correct any possible mistakes i made in the video,also watch till the end becuase i try every possibilty that i understand but fail to get a working pointer

Why don't you try to make a codeinjection?
yeah code inection with all the data disssect and numbers is complex for me to understand plus when i play a game i only play the game once so a pointer is simple for me but can you watch the video and try to find a mistake in my decisiions
I don't knwo the game and can't tell you anything by just watching a video. In some cases a pointer is much harder to realize than an injection.
You can also have a look here for Tutorials
i need some help in pm
What do you really not understand about it?
We are not here to work things out for you.
We have a real life too.
And it is a matter of courtesy to say please and/or thanks.
But there comes nothing from you. So you have to think about it.
And read tutorials about code Injection and so on.
As DNA said: "In some cases it's harder to realize a pointer and better or much easier to make a code Injection."
If your not willing to learn some things by yourself than game hacking is not the right hobby for you.
I hope this is clear now...
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