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Normale Version: SHELLSHOCK: NAM '67(Request)
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Can you make a trainer for shell shock nam 76 its a free game,download link for the free game below

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>>> Downloadlink DELETED <<<

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Zitat:Rechtslage Abandonware / Legal situation

German / Deutsch
Der Download von Abandonware ist nicht legal, denn es handelt sich im geläufigen Sinne nach wie vor um kommerzielle Software, die unter keinen freien Lizenzmodellen steht, zumal der Begriff sensibilisiert angewendet wird, um als Freibrief oder Rechtfertigung zu fungieren. Wurde die Software vom Rechteinhaber entkommerzialisiert, spricht man nicht länger von Abandonware. Ob der Konsum von Abandoware aber irgendjemandem bitter aufstößt, sei dahingestellt – was aber die rechtliche Lage nicht beeinflusst.
Da die rechtliche Lage nicht einwandfrei feststeht ist das Thema Abandonware eine rechtliche Grauzone...

English / Englisch
Currently, US copyright law does not recognize the term or concept of "abandonware" while the general concept "orphan works" is recognized (see Orphan works in the United States). There is a long-held concept of abandonment in trademark law as a direct result of the infinite term of trademark protection. Currently, a copyright can be released into the public domain if the owner clearly does so in writing; however this formal process is not considered abandoning, but rather releasing. Those who do not own a copyright cannot merely claim the copyright abandoned and start using protected works without permission of the copyright holder, who could then seek legal remedy.

Hosting and distributing copyrighted software without permission is illegal. Copyright holders, sometimes through the Entertainment Software Association, send cease and desist letters, and some sites have shut down or removed infringing software as a result. However, most of the Association's efforts are devoted to new games, due to those titles possessing the greatest value.

I will not warn or ban you for your post because the legal situation of abandonware is a legal gray case...

grEEtZ iNvIcTUs oRCuS
I have this game and i will see what i can do...

grEEtZ iNvIcTUs oRCuS
(17.12.2020, 14:32)iNvIcTUs oRCuS schrieb: [ -> ]I have this game and i will see what i can do...

grEEtZ iNvIcTUs oRCuS

Sorry for the late reply...
The trainer is now available...