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Normale Version: Divinity 2 Developer's Cut [GOG]
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Heloo..this my first post. Please if you can make a trainer for Divinity 2 Developer's Cut [GOG] v1.4.700.38_lang_update_(27128).. Thanx.
Gamename: - Divinity 2 Developer's Cut
Version: - v1.4.700.38_lang_update_(27128) [GOG]
Fix: -No fix..Free DRM...from GOG site
Options: - Unlimited Health . Unlimited Mana. One Hit Kill. Instant Skills. 30.000 Money . 1.000 XP Points. 10 Attribute Points. 10 Skill Points
Further information: - NO future Info.
Hello and welcome.
Please use this for your request.

[b]Gamename:[/b] - Name of the game
[b]Version:[/b] - Gameversion the trainer should be compatible with
[b]Fix:[/b] -possible for wich fix (Crack, Steam, Original)
[b]Options:[/b] - Options you want the trainer to have
[b]Further information:[/b] - further information such as homepage of the developer or release date of the game and so on
At our archive theres already a trainer for the developers cut version...
Maybe this will work...

--->>> Divinity 2 - Developers Cut Trainer