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Normale Version: "Buddha" mode
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Sorry guys, I don't speak German. But I love your trainers. I use trainers mostly because I want to play through games and lack the patience to repeatedly retry sections or grind for better stats/gear. Infiniate HP or God mode though makes you stop caring about the game mechanics, and you just lazily run through everything.

Ever gave thought to a "buddha" mode in your trainers? This is different to God mode. In Buddha mode, you lose HP like normal, but if it reaches 0 you don't die - so the trainer just prevents you going under 0 and dying. This means you can play like normal trying to preserve your life, but with an "insurance policy" of not having to do sections over because you died - you'll just know you would have died. But you can still play with some skill and sense of accomplishment.

Just an idea. Thank you very much!